Asterix turns 50 with new book

Our friend Asterix has turned 50 and his birthday is being celebrated with a new book, the “Gold Book”.

The new book isn’t an entire story. Rather, it consists of 56 pages of unpublished drawings. “It’s a little different from the classic albums,” Uderzo revealed to dozens of journalists, since “they are short stories, in which all the characters refer to the anniversary.” Uderzo, who declined to disclose details in order to give each reader the pleasure of getting to know little by little the plot, only commented that the new book contains many of the friends that Asterix has accumulated over fifty years, since everyone is invited to the big party that the villagers have prepared.

The artist recalled the birth of these adventures, when on October 29, 1959 the Gauls appeared in the first issue of the weekly magazine Pilote, a magazine that aimed to address the invasion of U.S. comics.

Asterix the Gaul, in book form came out in 1961 and since then millions of readers have benefited from the 32 books that followed, plus eight animated films.

There is a great AFP video – which they won’t let anyone embed – showing the press conference. You can find it here.



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